Welcome note

Welcome to Stierli IR

As one of the leading investor relations firms in Europe, we work with clients of select publicly traded and private companies from many sectors.

Stierli IR offers investor and public relations services to the life sciences, clean energy and mining industry to achieve greater recognition in the financial and media communities within Europe. Introductions to investment professionals (IP’s) enable our clients to communicate directly and convincingly. Bespoke roadshow programmes with one-on-one meetings and group presentations will meet the given requirements and economic guidelines.

How can we help ?

Collaborating closely with clients, we deliver bespoke and individual solutions specifically designed to achieve strong investor relationships.

Experience and expertise enable us to think outside the box, and augment the appeal of client’s and their visibility to IP’s. We introduce you to IP’s who will raise the level of awareness and exposure of your company throughout Europe.
Roadshows are organized in the financial centres of Europe (London, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris). Stockholm, Amsterdam and Munich may be included in the schedule if the criteria matches. Each day is filled with one-on-one and group meetings, in a city venue. All logistical items are undertaken except your air tickets. Recommending strategies, coaching speaking abilities, and giving general advice is part of our business. We pre-establish the time available for each meeting and “watch the clock” for you.
For news-worthy stories we arrange press interviews.


Julia Stierli, who founded the company in 1991, has a proven track record of providing bespoke, corporate investor relations services to various industrial sectors. Julia is bi-lingual and has a wealth of knowledge and hands-on practice.


Stierli IR is a totally independent IR firm based close to Zurich, in the heart of Europe. The firm is wholly owned by Julia Stierli.


Julia believes that a good IR agent should always tell you what you need to hear and not always what you want to hear. Successful campaigns are the joint result of working with great management teams and Julia is proud to have many repeat clients from all sectors of the industry.